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Oto Chunin
Oto Chunin

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Name: The name of your character. Kanji not required, though keep your name in-theme.
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Date of Birth: August 13th

Personality Traits:
Nindo: This is your character’s ninja way; their worldly philosophy. Only applicable if you have the Trait [Nindo].

"Oh I don't remember dear; Your grandfather got it at a sale-- said it was rare sake!"

Haiiro was born in the Land of Lightning

Passive-stance on life, unlike his clansmen's thirst for combat. He graduated from the Academy, but chose to pursue other avenues of work. Joined Silvercloud Works, hopping from job-to-job in the services industry. Worked as a bartender, meeting the seedy underbelly of the Hidden Cloud's working populace, seeing the citizenry up-close. Most don't realize he is from the Hozuki Clan.

Grandmother was hosting a sale over her late husband.
Attempted to sell his collection of priceless Kirigakure Rum. Haiiro thought it was a chance to strike it rich, and resell it at auction. Finds the Totsuka Blade in the collection (Mislabeled "Sake"). Initially believes it to be a misprint, or a fraud, until he opens the bottle. Apparently his grandfather had been mixing small amounts of the liquid blade with his beverages for years ("Gave it a nice tartness!"). Haiiro, finding new purpose in his life, accepts the weapon.

Family Members:

Housing Information: Everyone begins with one choice of room from the Housing System. Based on your starting EXP, you may have more.

Ninja Info Card
Village: Kumogakure, The Hidden Cloud, Land of Lightning
Rank: Jounin
Academy Graduation Age: 12
Chuunin Promotion Age:
Current Promotion Age:
Restricted Pick: Totsuka Blade
Clan: Hozuki

Total Experience: This is the total number of Experience you have. Your number of beginning stat raises is equal to this divided by 500.
Experience: This is the amount of unspent Experience you have after character creation.
Total Renown: If you start with any.
Renown: This is the amount of unspent Renown you have after creation.
Strength: Your tier in the Strength stat.
Constitution Your tier in the Constitution stat.
Stamina: Your tier in the Stamina stat.
Reflex: Your tier in the Reflex stat.
Awareness: Your tier in the Awareness stat.
Combat Skill: List your combat Skill and its tier.
Ranged Skill: List your ranged Skill and its tier.
Finesse Skill: List your finesse Skill and its tier.
D-rank Traits: List your D-rank Traits here.
C-rank Traits: List your C-rank Traits here.
B-rank: List your B-rank Traits here.
A-rank: List your A-rank Traits here.
S-rank: List your S-rank Traits here.

  • Attributes
    Strength: Average
    Constitution: Average
    Stamina: Average
    Reflex: Proficient
    Coordination: Proficient (Masterful w/ Kugutsu; +Major adv. w/Ninjutsu)
    Wisdom: Proficient

    100 Stamina
    60 Ninjutsu

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