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 Post subject: Missions and Scenarios
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Missions & Scenarios



The primary way for ninja to make money are through missions. Many missions come from individuals or organizations that request the village's intervention, while some are contracted by the daimyo and village themselves. Either way, it's up to the ninja of the village to protect and serve, from high-profile assassinations to rescuing a cat from a tree. The village pays, the ninja make money, and the cycle of shinobi culture goes on and on.
Unlike in cultures of the past, ninja are not always "assigned" missions. Oftentimes, especially in the case of lower-level missions, it has become a cultural norm to allow individuals to either request assignment to listed missions or find something else (akin to freelancing). Still, the village heads may officially assign certain elite members for more high-stakes assignments.

Types of Missions:
There are two overarching types of missions, which are PC and NPC Missions.
PC Missions involve plot-lines and events that have the potential to influence other players and events, usually crafted by players and staff themselves. These are different from NPC Missions, which do not influence players outside of the mission topic(s) and are usually temporary side-arcs of adventure.

Minimum Requirements:
There are certain requirements concerning missions, some depending on rank and others depending on the distinction between types of missions:
  • D-Ranks: 8-post minimum, 200-words per post
  • C-Ranks: 10-post minimum, 200-words per post, requires Chuunin or higher participant (unless Kage give special permissions)
  • B-Ranks: 12-post minimum, 300-words per post, requires Jounin or higher participant (unless Kage give special permissions)
  • A-Ranks: PC missions only, restricted to Chuunin or higher (unless Kage give special permissions)
  • S-Ranks: PC missions only, restricted to Jounin or higher (unless Kage give special permissions)

Note: While it might not be that every post meets the word-count requirement during the course of a mission, only posts that do will be counted toward meeting the Minimum Requirements and gaining Mission CP along with other rewards. That said, any mission that turns into a PC mission does not have a word count requirement. These types of missions come with their own dangers and requirements without having to worry about word counts.

In the unlikely event that a D-B ranked PC-mission falls short of the post requirements, you are free to pursue debriefing and similar types of scenes to count as mission posts.

Cooperation is not only accepted but encouraged during NPC missions. For each additional participant beyond the first in an NPC mission, the minimum post requirement for the mission is increased by 2. However, all participants' posts are pooled to meet the Minimum Requirements.
For example, instead of one person making 8-posts to do a D-Ranked Mission, they could have a friend help them; while this increases the posts required to 10, each participant now only has to make 5 posts to complete the mission (5 x 2 = 10).

Special Conditions:
Taken in dead or alive, framing Person-A for something Person-B did, completing the task without causalities or being discovered-- there are loads of special conditions that may go along with completing an assignment. While the end goal of a mission may be clear, there may be special conditions and requests that require a ninja to go above and beyond and think creatively as to how to complete a mission according to special instructions. If Special Conditions are added to a mission and completed successfully, Kage may pay a higher alternative reward to those who rise to a challenge. Additionally, completing missions with their special conditions met is viable cause for requesting bonus CP in Character Updates – though keep in mind that you are much less likely to be granted bonus CP for NPC missions (see Character Points for more details).

Kage will post missions for completion on the Mission Board forum. Your Kage should let you know how they want the mission acceptance, completion, and payment sorted out, whether it's something they'd prefer to happen "off-screen" and all of it be sorted out through the Mission Boards forum, or if they'd prefer all of it done in-context, where your character would physically visit some sort of office to request the mission and collect payment. Kage are also in charge of how much to pay for each mission, though it should be noted that this comes from their Village Funds.

The template for listing missions is as follows:
[b]Mission Name:[/b]
[b]Members Needed:[/b]

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