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 Post subject: Items and Crafting
PostPosted: Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:57 pm 
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Items and Crafting

Items in yellow requires a craftsman.

Leather Armor - 15 Durability
Lacquered Armor - 30 Durability

Arrow (Ya)
Heavy Bolt

Composite Bow

(Engineer Craft)
Heavy Crossbow
Siege Crossbow

Dai Katana/Odachi
Cleaver Sword


(2h hammer)

Bo Staff



Trench Knife


Dai Tessen

Thrown and Miscellaneous
Fūma Shuriken

Exploding Tag - 5 Damage
Concussion Tag - 5 Damage
Shrapnel Tag - 5 Damage
Advanced Tag - 10 Damage
Flash Bombs
Smoke Bombs


Generic Poison
Advanced Poison
Generic Antidote
Advanced Antidote

Generic Poison
Choose an Attribute when this poison is created. The subject of this poison has that Attribute reduced by a tier for the duration of the topic.
Generic Antidote
Cures a victim of a Generic Poison.
Advanced Poison
The subject of this poison is rendered unconscious after a number of posts, equal to 5 + their number of tier raises in Constitution (Average = 0).
Advanced Antidote
Cures the victim of an Advanced Poison.

 Post subject: Re: Items
PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:21 pm 
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Crafting on TNRPG is handled through the use of a specific resource, known as Materials. Materials come from various sources; namely through missions, village distribution, Traits, or housing.

To unlock the ability to craft, a character must pay a 500 CP cost. This cost counts towards the character's ACP.

When you have gained enough Materials, you can bring them to a character with a crafting Trait to turn them into usable items. Once the items are in a crafter’s possession, they will make a post creating the item. The cost in Materials to craft various items is listed below;
  • 1 Material: Senbon
  • 2 Materials: Arrows, kunai, shuriken
  • 5 Materials: Smoke bombs
  • 10 Materials: Fūma shuriken
  • 20 Materials: One-handed melee weapons, Exploding Tags
  • 50 Materials: Two-handed melee weapons, Generic Antidotes, Generic Poisons, Bows, Crossbows, Advanced Tags
  • 100 Materials: Leather Armor, Advanced Antidotes, Advanced Poisons,
  • 250 Materials: Lacquered Armor
  • 500 Materials: Mastercrafted Items
    Mastercrafted Items possess special abilities, and you must undertake a custom mission designed by staff in order to complete it. Speak with staff about what you wish to create so they may design an appropriate mission. It also requires a Crafting Skill of Specialist.

Repairing a broken item costs half its cost in Materials. If you wish to make something mundane that is not on the list, ask a staff member and they will price the item in Materials for you. If you wish to craft something more unique (an “invented item”), such as a specific medicine or a complex device (such as mounted arm blades), but the unique object does not possess any special abilities that would make it Mastercrafted, ask a staff member and they will price the item in Materials for you.

Crafting Template:
[b]Item Name:[/b] 
[b]Crafting Method:[/b] Here you will describe the process it took to create the weapon. It only has to be as long or as intricate as you decide, but some weapons have complicated origins. Did you spend hours meticulously sculpting and hammering superheated metals? Did you bend some wood under the weight of a massive boulder for weeks on end? Did you bleed a small fawn onto the weapon's grip? That's all for you to decide.

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] This is where the real meat of the weapon is. What is the thing that makes it special? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination (and, admittedly, staff's discretion). The Kusanagi and the Seven Swords of the Mist are good examples of what this could be. While you cannot copy them or other weapons that have been approved entirely, let them be an inspiration.

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