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 Post subject: Yume and Yumi Konishi v2
PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 8:16 pm 
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Edits as I gave my wild slot to Haru and also Kumo died

Name: Yume and Yumi Konishi
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 97lbs
Rank: Chuunin
Faction of Origin: Shinobi
Village: Sunagakure
Bloodline/Clan: Soma no Ko
Restricted Loan Technique:
Housing: Dojo, Archives
Starting Equipment: Six Kunai, Three Exploding Tags, Length of Wire




History: At first Yume and Yumi seemed like any other pair of identical twins. The two didn't show any signs of the Soma no Ko bloodline until they were nearly a year old. Born to a mother and father who were simple workers, it was quite a shock to find that their children carried one of the village's oldest kekkei genkai. It was near their one year mark when Yumi, who even as a baby was impatient, began to push and push Yume. The parents watched on, laughing, as the younger sibling tried to deny her sister a hug. Yume, however, was not having it. Pressing her small frame with everything a baby had in them, Yume not only hugged Yumi, but absorbed her. Mortified, her parents stood in shocked silence as Yume giggled wildly. It wasn't long until the head of Yumi protruded from the back of Yume's neck, wailing violently. That day was as scarring as it was enlightening for the twins' parents.

Jumping forward a few years found the girls beginning at the Academy. They had joined later than usual due mainly to Yume putting off her entrance exams until it was too late. Twice. The twins were slightly older than those around them but that was perfect for them both. Yume was used to being older, having been born a full minute and twelve seconds before Yumi. Yumi, having always been the younger sister, relished in the fact that she was older than those around her. The latter twin became something of a bully while the former had to deal with getting mistaken for the blooming bully. Yume didn't mind it though and just shrugged off what others had to say. She understood Yumi's position, and while she wished she could find a more productive outlet, she was fine with her sister's actions. She did stop her from doing anything too bad though.

The two grew into individuals while at the Academy, with Yumi showing great Taijutsu prowess while Yume showed an aptitude for Ninjutsu. The two found the diverging specialties incredibly refreshing, having had so many similarities up until that point.

Personality Traits:
Yumi!: The younger of the two siblings, if only by a minute or so, Yumi has fallen into her role with great aptitude. She's headstrong and quick to jump the gun, very much the hare to her sister's tortoise. She is impatient and is constantly looking for something to do that challenges her. She's openly more immature than her sister but knows that the two are both childish at times. Much more than Yume, Yumi enjoys being alone for long periods of time but that's something of a rarity for her. She speaks bluntly and crassly, often times making lewd or suggestive jokes about others. A streak of rebellion runs hot through her veins as she hates taking orders, especially from those older than her. She constantly feels placed in Yume's shadow and tries a little too hard to gain recognition as her own person from time to time. Noticeably more tomboyish than Yume.
Yume!: A lazy lass at heart, Yume prefers to do things the easiest way possible if at all. She's more of a tortoise that beats the hare kind of person, preferring to take things as they come and never rush into things. Between herself and Yumi she is the calmer of the two siblings and often mocks her younger sister for being so immature, though she can be just as immature herself. She enjoys spending time with her sister and with others but some alone time here and there works wonders for her. Often the voice of the pair when dealing with higher ups, she is soft-spoken and respectful to her elders.
Face Claim: Ami and Mami Futami
Theme Song:
Yumi Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 Opening 2 - Sora ni Utaeba by Amazarashi - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover
Yume Boku no Hero Academia S2 Opening - Peace Sign - Fingerstyle Guitar Cover
Chakra Color: Yume Yumi
To find my own way!
To find my own way!
Character Preferences:
  • Cold
  • Bisexual
  • Sweets
  • Fruits
  • Hot
  • Heterosexual
  • Spicy
  • Vegetables

Specialist: Taijutsu Specialists can understand, learn, and use martial arts techniques. They are trained in the locations of a body's weak points, as well as how best to strike them. They select a specific taijutsu style as their "signature style". Taijutsu Specialists receive a pool of 60 Stamina Points that may only be spent on their signature style and its subtechniques. Taijutsu Specialists track movement at a tier higher than they would otherwise be able to track, and they receive six advantages to any of their Attributes when performing taijutsu; the distribution of the granted advantages must be selected at the time the Specialist rank in the Taijutsu Skill is acquired, and cannot be allocated in increments greater than a single tier to any one Attribute. Taijutsu Specialists can create up to S-Rank techniques for taijutsu.

Expert: Ninjutsu Experts can understand, learn, and use ninjutsu. They use half as many hand seals as would otherwise be required for all techniques (which may reduce the number of required hand seals to zero). Ninjutsu of a chosen element are treated as a rank more powerful (up to a maximum of S-Rank; if an Attribute-boosting technique has its power increased in this manner, its returns also diminish at a Minor Advantage less per tier). Ninjutsu Experts receive a Major Advantage to their Coordination for the purposes of aiming, and can perform hand seals as if the Attribute used were a Major Advantage higher for all techniques. Ninjutsu Experts may select a technique that they know, and permanently reduce the number of hand seals required to use it to one (this reduction does not stack with any other reduction). Ninjutsu Experts receive a pool of 60 Stamina Points that may only be spent on ninjutsu. They can create up to S-Rank customs for ninjutsu.

  • Strength: Proficient
  • Constitution: Proficient
  • Stamina: Masterful
  • Reflex: Proficient
  • Coordination: Masterful
  • Wisdom: Proficient
Elements: Katon

Spent Character Points: 5900
Active Character Points: 5900
Unspent Character Points: 100
Total Character Points: 6000

Special Abilities:
  • Just as Good as the Original: Yume has worked with her sister to surpass some of their clan's limits. Yumi's Strength does not receive the tier debuff given to the secondary sibling.
  • Share the Spotlight!: Yumi has done her very best to be her own person, in and out of battle. As such she can spend more time away from Yume than the average Soma no Ko member. Instead of 3 posts, Yumi may be removed from the dominant twin for 5 posts.
  • Sibling Synergy: Yume and Yumi have trained together since they were very young and have developed a fighting style that utilizes their bloodline in fluid and unpredictable fashion. Either twin can form Seals using a hand from the other instead of both of their own. (Chuunin SA)
  • Me First!: Yumi has a habit of always trying to one-up Yume, especially in combat. During the first post of combat, Yumi gains a Major Advantage to Reflexes.
  • The Card!: Yume, while normally relaxed and lazy, can sometimes be forced to reel in her sister or take charge of the situation. When she puts her foot down and gets serious, she pulls out the "Older Sister" card. The post she uses this tactic she gains a Major Advantage to Strength.
  • Out of the Way!: The twins, while having distinctly unique personalities, know exactly how the other works. When fighting alongside each other, attacks from one twin will never hit the other (keeping it logical of course, no like GFA just missing or something).
  • Strenuous: The extra time away from Yume takes it's toll on Yumi. During the 4th and 5th post removed from her twin, Yumi receives a Minor Disadvantage to all of her stats.
  • Examples, Good and Bad: Yume's influence on her sister extends both positively and negatively. Debuffs given to her are passed on to her sibling.
  • Don't You Dare: If there's one thing that Yumi can't stand, it's when Yume pulls out the "Older Sister" card. The post that Yume uses the tactic, Yumi gains a Major Disadvantage to Wisdom.
  • After You: Yume knows full well how Yumi acts under pressure and expects nothing less of her sister. During the first post of Combat, Yume gains a Major Disadvantage to Reflexes.
  • Two Left Feet: The twins have grown so accustomed to fighting alongside each other that fighting with others throws them off their game. The twins can not use combination techniques with allies and don't benefit from allied SAs.
Might, Will, And Fate Points
  • Might:
  • Will:
  • Fate: 4

Strength: Masterful (Epic w/Taijutsu)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Masterful
Reflex: Proficient (Masterful w/Taijutsu)
Coordination: Masterful (Major Advantage w/Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Proficient

Strength: Masterful (Epic w/Taijutsu)
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Proficient
Reflex: Average (Proficient w/Taijutsu)
Coordination: Proficient (Major Advantage w/Ninjutsu)
Wisdom: Average

Taijutsu Specialist
Ninjutsu Expert


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