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Hello from TNRPG once more! In response to some of the comments and issues we've had with new systems, we are tweaking and reverting to some of the old ones. This does mean a reset to the lore once again, but many of these systems should be familiar to you - some, however, have been changed slightly, so be sure to read over things like Masteries, puppets, and summons. We did keep some things, however! Housing, starting equipment, and materials for crafting we felt were some of the best of our ideas to come out of the newer systems, so we've kept those bits.

Lore has become more neutral once again, and thus there may be some difficulty in keeping characters, goals, and the like. This is very understandable and we are offering compensation. For players that are needing to adjust their characters to fit into the new lore (including moving to X or Y village), they will receive the starting CP for their character's rank, plus an additional 500. For those that feel they cannot continue with their current character and wish to scrap it for a new one, they will receive the starting CP for their new character's rank, plus an additional 500. A character will qualify for this if they have 50 in-character posts. In addition to this, each player is receiving 500 CP for their trouble in the transition at large. This special compensation may be split among as many characters as they have, whether they are adjusting to fit in or are a new character entirely. Additionally, characters that need be adjusted (such as Konoha and Kirigakure clans outside their respective villages) do not need to relocate to the recently opened villages if they can sufficiently justify being elsewhere in their (redefined) history. Any restricted techniques must be re-claimed. A recycled idea for your character may be used; if there is a character you enjoyed playing in the past, and you would like to remake them in this version of the game, you certainly may. If your birthday happened between the last system change and this one, you may claim your birthday character points! This is an amount equal to ten times your age in years.

Topics are not being moved or removed; for many, who decide to keep their characters, those topics are certainly valid and may continue. For anyone to whom significant aspects of their character are changed, some topics may as a result lose some canon validity, however. Clans will need to be re-registered; prior versions of clans in the archives may be used if desired. Canon techniques will no longer need to be registered, as these are being reverted to the older system. Custom techniques, however, will need to be re-registered. You will be allowed to repick your restricted picks; you will be guaranteed your old picks if you register with them during the activity check.

The starting Ryo for each village is five million.

Please let us know if there are any questions, and have fun!

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