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Feet planted themselves firmly onto the soil as Ahri stared out into the training field. It was early, the grass was still wet, birds were singing and the sun was still rising from its slumber. Ahri couldn't remember ever arriving this early to train. It had been a while now. Since she had seen Ameya. Had she forsaken her? No. Ameya was probably busy. The blue Uchiha couldn't help but worry for her sister's safety though. "The things she said the other day were really dark...hopefully, she didn't do anything to get herself in trouble." she thought whilst fumbling out the piece of rock Ameya had given to her.

"You better be safe." crystal blue eyes stared down the object for a brief moment before she eventually placed it back safely inside her ninja pouch. "Guess I should surprise her when she comes back with...something" but what? Surely there was something the jinchuuriki could think of to learn for their next encounter. She dropped her black backpack and opened it up, all sorts of junk could be found there. From books and used tissue paper to leftovers from yesterday's lunch. Yikes. She began to go through it until she felt something familiar within her grasp. "Got it!" out of the backpack she pulled a small notebook and with glistening eyes she opened it to examine its contents. "Now...what to learn today..."



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