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 Post subject: Kirigakure Gates
PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:28 pm 
Kiri Jonin
Kiri Jonin
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Appearances being as deceiving as they were, Ryū was actually the kind of person that liked festivals. It was a chance to relax a little from the usually deadly shinobi lifestyle, and it was a good chance to try and make some new friends and have fun with old ones. It was a good time all-around.

It felt a little weird, leaving to go to a festival at a time like this. He had just been promoted to jounin rank, and Samehada was still an unfamiliar and heavy presence on the swordman's back. Ryū had thought that the first time he left the village with the famed sword would be on some kind of deadly mission, not a lively and free-spirited visit to a festival in another village.

Not that it was wrong to go to the festival; the Mizukage, herself, was going. It just wasn't what the Hoshigaki had expected that he would be doing. Still, it was going to be fun. Ryū pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind, adjusted Samehada on his back, and then started walking out the village gates.


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 Post subject: Re: Kirigakure Gates
PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 7:33 pm 
Kiri Jonin
Kiri Jonin
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It did not take long after the previous swordsman's departure from the village for Manami to make it to the gates herself. She had ended up sleeping in for the day until the birds around her had made their midday a living hell from the window. She didn't exactly enjoy living close to the ocean when she bought her apartment, but it was her cheapest option to live at besides back home with her father and that was an option she would rather not pick at all. The long brown haired woman looked around the gates, it had seemed that she had missed the larger crowds of people who were heading out. God damn lucky for once with this one. No one else is here right now... So I get to take my time right?

Manami continued her walk from the gates towards the bridges, her way would be the scenic route this time around.


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 Post subject: Re: Kirigakure Gates
PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:35 pm 
Kiri Jonin
Kiri Jonin
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After realizing most of the Seven Swordsmen had already left by the time Akayami woke up well past noon he scrambled to get his equipment in order before rushing to the gates. Four swords were hastily fastened to his person before leaving the house, quickly double back after feeling the brisk air on his bare chest having forgotten to get fully clothed. Rushing back in Akayami grabbed the vest and scarf that were nearly inseparable to the man on his days off and performed one last scan before running to catch up. What excited him most was to get his hands on some authentic Kumogakure barbeque, he hadn't had the chance to get any since his childhood in the roaming group of samurai cut their way through the Lightning country. It better be served by one of their top chefs, can't be having shotty cooking like last time. I need to experience the real deal!


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 Post subject: Re: Kirigakure Gates
PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2020 6:45 pm 
Kiri Genin
Kiri Genin
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After a night of hurried packing followed by near-restless sleeping, Arid passed through the gates of her home village, ready for a journey. How long had it been since she had last ventured into the unknown? Sadly, she would not have anyone to elaborate to, as it seemed the others were not planning on traveling together. Or, at least, not with her. The teen shoved doubt back into the depths of her stomach and trudged on, heading for Kumogakure.

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