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 Post subject: Takoyaiba Clan District
PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:35 pm 
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Shizuka waited patiently on the steps of the Takoyaiba Clan District's entrance. She had sent the word out for both Wapi and Yuki to visit her dojo in the Takoyaiba Clan District. If Yuki was really Wapi's relative than perhaps he would prove useful. She needed quality shinobi in the next generation, and so this was his test to prove how skilled he was (as well as how skilled he COULD be if molded).

Tapping her foot lightly with her arms crossed as she stood: Shizuka waited.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:53 pm 
Kumo Genin
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The day had started like any other for Yuki; waking up at noon and lazily pulling together some breakfast as his parents went off to work. Stretching his arms Yuki slowly moving the pan back and forth that was cooking his sunny-side up eggs. The smell of burning woke him up with a jolt, quickly moving the pan to the side and waving his hand to disperse the smoke. Bringing the pan over to his plate he eased his breakfast off the hot metal and practically inhaled the two prepared eggs, sad that his mistake cost him the runny yoke he enjoyed so much. It was then that he remembered he had a meeting with the Raikage and his cousin Wapi today, a smile lit up on his face at the chance to meet the famous swordswoman. Tying his two swords to the sash around his waist he made his way to the Takoyaiba district, eager to see what the prestigious clan’s abode was like.

Arriving at the dojo fashionably late he opened the doors to reveal the Raikage standing with her arms cross, not too good of a sign for their first meeting. “Yo, Raikage-dono! This is a sweet pad you’ve got here. Does this mean this meeting today is actually a spar? That would be totally rad!” His face was entirely devoid of any shame for showing up late, just a big ol' bright smile for the exciting day and experience he had ahead of him.


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:08 am 
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From a nearby rooftop, Wapi lounged with a clear view of the Takoyaiba District and his waiting Raikage. He had shown up early, even earlier than Shizuka had, but he took the opportunity to whip out the ol' carving knife and a small block of wood. Whittling his time away, he watched as she took her place at the entrance with an apparent impatience. "Classic Shizuka." Wapi giggled, noticing how no-nonsense she continued to be. Even back when he had sensei'd her in the now distant past, her demand for seriousness was the source of some friction between the two.

"With any luck," Wapi started, talking to no one before blowing away excess shavings from his creation. "She'll have gotten over all that."

Fortunately, it seemed that this Yuki person had arrived. As expected, it was that boy that he had met previously! The lava release kid from that training field! Rising to a stand, Wapi kicked off the building, sliding down the tiered roofs and landing on the ground in front of the district entrance.

His wooden sandals clacked against the ground as he approached with his right arm resting lazily on his sheathed katana.

"Shizuka, Yuki," he said with a nod and a gleeful grin before immediately gasping at his own rudeness. He then stiffened to attention, dropping his arms to his sides. "Oh, I mean, Lady Raikage!" He said with a stern tone before bending his knees and gripping an imaginary skirt in a mimed curtsy. "What can I do for ya?"

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