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Schoolyard Bullies [Flashback]
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Author:  Nakatomi Harusame [ Fri Nov 22, 2019 8:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Schoolyard Bullies [Flashback]

Yuhei Ayame was flanked by her two goons – the classes word for them, not their own, of course. Nakatomi Harusame stood to her left and Kazume Inora her right. Of the three, Ayame and Inora agreed, Harusame was the least beautiful – a Konoha mutt, too. It was so kind of them to even hang out with her, after all. They moved over to wear an outcast girl sat on a bench. Harusame couldn’t remember her name, though she knew she had been told it once. Ayame was quick to berate the girl for taking “their” spot, and shooed her away with acerbic comments about the girls social status and fashion sense. Nearly in tears, the unpopular girls gathered her things and ran off. Haru felt a pang of guilt that was quickly erased as they took their seats on the bench, Ayame once again in the middle.

The talk turned to the usual – who was a slut, who was most likely to fail out of the ninja academy, who didn’t understand fashion sense. On that last topic the group stopped to speak of Harusame – as if she wasn’t there – about how silly she was for wearing all black in the desert. Haru, for her part, found something interesting near her feet to look at, and resolved to stay interested until they were finished.

Eventually, when they spotted him, the talk turned abruptly to Inuzuka. Haru perked up momentarily at this, knowing that she was spared from further taunting and wanted to pick at a new target before they found their way back to her. Ayame, however, noticed the movement at the mention of Inuzuka, and hatched quite the devious plan. ”Oh, is that how it is Haru?” Haru froze, wondering where this was going. ”Don’t tell me you like that scruffy dog boy!” That’s all it took for Inora to jump in, and together they taunted her like they were five years old again. ”Haru likes dog boy, Haru likes dog boy!” She felt mortified and color began to creep up the side of her face. ”No I don’t! Quiet down! Shut up!” She kept repeating it over and over again as she continued to get warm, and not from the Sunagakure heat.

Eventually, Ayame stopped and put on a knowing smile. ”Oh yeah? Really? Well… if you prove you really don’t like the dog boy.” She looked over to Inora, and they both giggled. Face red and her resolve stalwart she stomped away from the bench towards Inuzuka and his dog. ”Hey Inuzuka!” She called out to him when she was ten feet away, dressed in her usual black attire. How come this stupid boy had to come and ruin her time out with her friends. The fact that he was allowed in the Sunagakure academy at all was a mystery to her – he smelled worse than his dog, which had the socialization at least to bathe itself.

Author:  Inuzuka Kumade [ Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Schoolyard Bullies [Flashback]

Kumade and Kimaru walked side by side through the Sunagakure schoolyard. The two of them having just returned from their daily routine of skipping mid morning classes to instead go for a "walk". Their walks being more like jaunts through the deserts around sunagakure. The two of them were covered in sand and grime, Kimaru still panting, Kumade's small white T-shirt and fitted beige pants stained with sweat.

Kumade figured now was as good time as any for him and Kimaru to enjoy a snack, so he crouched down in the middle of the field he had been walking through and pulled out thin strips of jerked meat from his back pocket. Kimaru immediately started drooling and circling Kumade

How is she still so full of energy? that walk exhausted me thought Kumade as he handed a piece of meat to his ninken. He ripped off a piece for himself before looking up at the sunagakure sun I really should go find some water, the hottest part of the day should be happening in the next few hours as he contemplated whether to attend his remaining classes or go find someplace cool to take a nap, he heard loud footsteps approach him from towards the academy.

a familiar voice called out to him, sounded more irritated than she normally does. He turns to see Harusame calling for him with the usual insult most people at the academy use "dog boy". The insult never made much sense to him, it's basically just a description of him, it's even what Inuzuka means "dogman". Strange though that she wasn't flanking her usual pack leader instead approaching him alone, and visibly angry. Great what could Ayame's goon want this time he pondered, ripping off another piece of jerked meat and tossing it into his mouth.

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