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 Post subject: Masaki's Pictures!
PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:02 pm 
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Thought I'd continue to share my pictures with you guys, if that's alright. Feel free to comment and stuff, but if you intend to, do me a favor and comment on the pics on my Dev! Maybe even favorite them if you really like them. =D (Most of the images should link straight there (the ones that don't I haven't uploaded there yet).)

I'll start with the good TNRPG stuff. There's a lot of memories for me in these images. ;_;
I wrote a lot more about these images on my Patreon. I intend to copy most of those texts over to my dev posts on them at some point, but atm I'm busy getting some other stuff done and set up.

Masaki! My first character that some of you know well. =) I miss him. =(

Masaki's second avatar, derived from the full image above.

The original image I used for Masaki's first avatar. This was him as a fresh genin.

My approval stamp that I made when I first became a moderator.

And the accompanying denial stamp. Basically taught myself how to make a gif.

Masaki's avatar as a Chuunin.

An image I painted for Polaxican's character, Kajiya, for when he became a Chuunin alongside Masaki.

A sketch I did to illustrate the look of Kajiya's Dance of the Iron Man Technique.

Also designed Polaxican's Mangekyou Sharingan for Hokuai, and made an animated gif out of it.

My only alt was Setsuko, and this was the animated avatar I made for him.

My very first character was supposed to be this guy, Yuudai. But the site was pretty sloppy back then, and so I never got to play him. Probably for the best. It was a time where the commitment wouldn't have worked out, if the evidence of my following character is any indication.

The first character I actually got to play was this guy, Shizumaru. This was a quick placeholder avatar I did for him, but that's him.

These days you can probably see Austin's character, Saizo, around.

Originally designed for Okina, I believe he uses this faceclaim for Seto atm.

Last but not least, the image I did for Rivu's character.

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Hey, I'm Selling Epic Character Art Commissions! Check me out.

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