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Notable Terms:
Lightning Treaty – Brokered by the Raikage to end the War of the Waves. The treaty gave control of the Land of Waves to Konohagakure, while ceding suzerainty of Tea to Kirigakure. It also mandated a small export of Chakra Enhanced wood to Kirigakure, with the returning goods being fish and other goods from the east.

War of the Waves – This war started ten years ago as a result of Land of Waves units sabotaging the Great Bridge that connected the Land of Waves and the Land of Fire, cutting themselves off from what they saw as unfavorable trade conditions with Konoha. Soon this ballooned into a war that saw Konoha and its allies poised against Kirigakure and theirs. This brutal conflict lasted five years until the Raikage brokered piece with the Lightning Treaty.

Night of the Bloody Kunai – The night where the rogue ANBU Commander assassinated the Tsuchikage has come to be known as the Night of the Bloody Kunai. This night is considered to be one of the bloodiest days in history, as Iwagakure’s military forces finding themselves forced to quickly pick a side.

When the people of Konoha learned that the Land of Waves had bombed the Great Bridge, killing several Konoha civilians in the process, they demanded action. Facing strong domestic and council pressure, the Hokage had no choice but to march to war. The War of the Waves was a five year war with thousands of casualties on both sides, fought as much in the forests of the Land of Fire as it was on the waters that made up the Land of Mist.

For four and a half years following the Lightning Treaty, Konoha rebuilt itself as the Land of Fire consolidated its new holdings in Water. Things returned to relative normalcy as the roads stabilized and banditry was quashed. So when Uchiha Rei slew the Hokage and installed herself as the Hokage, there was no small murmurs on the streets. Since then the village has been slightly on edge, waiting to see what the new Hokage has in store for them.

This isn’t helped, either, by a group of individuals known only as the Kidō Butai, a guerrilla force comprised of loyalists to the previous Hokage. They raid supply lines, terrorize villages and towns, and are generally a destabilizing force in the region..

When the people of Kirigakure learned that the full military might of the Land of Fire had been turned on the smaller Land of Waves, it’s people went into an uproar. Long had the people of Kirigakure considered the people of the Land of Waves friends. It wasn’t long before Kirigakure shinobi were landing in the Southern Land of Fire to start Operation: Fired Leaf, an offensive that pushed deep into the heartlands of the Land of Fire. Eventually the Lightning Treaty would broker a peace treaty between Konoha and Kiri, but not before thousands had lost life or limb to the conflict.

By the end, even the people of Kirigakure hadn’t remembered why they had gone to war. The price of a tiny island – the Land of Waves – seemed well worth it for an end to the casualties. That the Mizukage had secured the trade of the most valuable Chakra Enhanced Wood in the process just seemed to be a cherry on top. With the economic boom gained from that trade, Kirigakure has been putting itself back together and now enjoys a relative time of prosperity, and the people are generally favorable to the Mizukage.

There is, however, a worrying trend in the Land of Mist. A notorious cult, known only as Kazanai, have been operating in the area, robbing good shipments, or high value hostage targets. Occasionally random people go missing, never to be heard from again. These activities have begun to ramp up in recent months, though it is unknown as to why this is the case.


When the people of Kumogakure heard that their two closest neighbors had gone to war, they waited with baited breath to see what the Raikage would do. Wisely, the Raikage did not seem to pick a side. All had faith in his decision – Mikata Adeyakana had been the Raikage for forty years, since before many of them had been born. To them, his wisdom was as eternal as the village itself. Those of a more mellow demeanor praised their wise leader for his attempt to avoid hostilities, while the more militant among the people thought that they would until the outcome was clearer before striking. As the war dragged on, Kumogakure stayed prosperous in their mountain fastness, untouched by the horrors below. As the casualties mounted to a staggering level, the Raikage chose to act.

Delegations from both Kirigakure and Konohagakure converged to Kumogakure, where the Raikage brokered the Lightning Treaty. It was an intense negotiation that lasted over a month in time, but ended with a deal that most parties found satisfactory. The people of Kumogakure celebrated this achievement, calling their Raikage Emissary of Sunny Days.

All is not well in the Land of Clouds in the present day, however. Though the towering spires of Kumogakure find themselves mostly unaffected, below the land is plagued by a cult of no small influence. Calling themselves Kuraokami, they have been raiding towns as well as disrupting Kumogakure’s trade with their two closest neighbors. Occasionally, a person in Kumogakure will go missing – never to be seen again.


When the people of Iwagakure awoke to war, chaos erupted.

In a stunning act of treachery, twelve years ago an ANBU Commander assassinated the Tsuchikage. In an instant the entire military was split, some loyal to the ANBU Commander, some loyal to the village – and a war ensued. The fighting in Iwagakure proper was swift and bloody and though it began in the favor of the Rogue Commander, Kanaduchi Shinren returned with his squad of ANBU members and ousted the Rogue Commander from Iwagakure properly. Though the fighting in the city lasted only one night, it is one of the bloodiest days in recorded history. For weeks afterwards bloody kunai and other ninja tools were cleared from the street. The fighting continued on in the rest of the Land of Earth for some time before the Rogue Commander was killed in battle. It came to light the Rogue Commander had, in fact, enlisted the help of Sunagakure – several of their casualties were confirmed to be Sunagakure soldiers in Iwagakure uniforms.

With the country stabilized, the remaining military forced Kanaduchi Shinren to take the title of Tsuchikage, for his valor and heroism in the Iwagakure Civil War. He has led them through the last twelve years to a period of peace and prosperity, helped by the rich mining in the mountains to the south. Relations with Sunagakure are strained but not outright hostile, given the discovery of rare resources between the two countries.

They have not been without their own share of troubles, however. Recently, a group of disenfranchised miners formed into a gang, known only as the Guild. They raid supply lines between the mountains and Iwagakure, occasionally support a miners strike, or even take over a mining camp – turning it into a fortified base. There are, too, reports of people going missing, but the Guild hasn’t claimed credit for these disappearances.


On opposite sides of the map, Sunagakure’s story is much like Kumogakure’s.

It is, of course, influenced by the land – where Kumogakure sits high in the sky, an idyllic place, the desert is harsh. Neither peoples have much of a reason to leave, and have preferred a more isolationist style of governance. When the Rogue Commander reached out for assistance, however, Sunagakure was happy to assist, sending many of their own troops dressed in Iwagakure uniforms to help with the coup. Though the coup itself wasn’t successful, it did lead to a generation of sand shinobi who had been blooded in a war that was no threat to them. Though some in the military decried what they saw as a “waste of life”, many others were happy at the glory they won, at the knowledge they gained of Iwagakure fighting styles.

For years now, Sunagakure has lived in relatively peaceful isolation. It is a village that is mostly self-sufficient, the traders rarely braving the dunes (though those that do swear that it brings them great profits). It has its fair share of tensions with Iwagakure – the mountains that mark the borders between the two countries are rich in resources, and both sides are loath to let the other take them uncontested.

Recently, however, there has been an increase in suspicious activity. A subversive cult – naming themselves the Seishin-ryoku – have been responsible for a number of terrorist attacks throughout the Land. They raid supply lines, take over oasis locations and re-purposing them for their own use, and occasionally kidnap some high value target for ransom. Curiously, people have also been reported missing in above average numbers, though Seishin-ryoku has not claimed credit for these missing persons as of yet.

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