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Minor Characters

The Premise

To start this off, this system will not yield nearly the same results it could if you, the player, don’t participate. To have enough of these characters for everyone to feel included, we’ll need everyone’s help. All of us will be able to register various Minor Characters, all of which are explained below.


It should be noted that these are not your characters. You may think fondly of them, have a particular attachment to them, or have put a lot of work into them; but these are the community’s characters. Their purpose is to build fun and entertainment for everyone.

Two Paths

There are two kinds of Minor Characters that will be registrable. The first are called Set Piece characters. Think of Teuchi and Ayame, running the ramen shop that many of the characters in Naruto frequent. These characters exist primarily to give more flavor to an area and to provide potential plot hooks in the future. They can also be a creative outlet for a person looking to write something just a little bit different than would otherwise be available to them through their Player Characters. These are the simpler of the two kinds of minor characters to register and to roleplay.

The other kind of minor character is called a Villain character. These are intended to grant some of the threats that PCs face a lifelike quality, or to add a level of danger to what could otherwise be written off as routine. A Villain is the difference between the witless mook of a B-Rank mission’s bandit leader and a trained guerrilla fighter, skilled in both taijutsu and bukijutsu. A witless mook might die when finally tracked down; a Villain might escape to live another day, spawning a rivalry with the squad that has to bring him to justice. Villains could be simple bandit leaders, corrupt drug lords, or even rogue ninja.

For Set-Piece characters, it is suggested to find others who share your idea for the character, and then any of you can pick up the character as needed. Running characters is a lot of work, and it’s important that we all take part in this; to have people capable of picking up a character when another person simply can’t.

For Villains, however, sharing characters is trickier. It is important for these characters to have a very defined goal and style. Perhaps only one or two people might control a Villain, but there is no designated limit to how many players may share a villain. It’s important for Villians to have limited narratives; only played for as long as you think you and the other players can stick to, as the number of these characters are limited in how many may be “active” at one time. Keep the scope small, you can always re-register the villain again (maybe, this time, with more experience - they don’t have to be static.)

Set Piece - Registration Template
[b]Background:[/b] (This need be no more than a sentence or two; a paragraph if you’re feeling fancy.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (This can be as complicated as you’d like it to be. Are they just a small caricature? Are they a person with wants and needs? Are they a character with deep seated motivations and contradictions? It’s up to you.)
[b]Players:[/b] (Put here the players you’d like to have access to them. Put “Open” to denote anyone’s ability to access this character.)


While set piece characters are relatively easy and straightforward, villains are considerably more involved. They are intended to pose a threat to (and potentially kill/maim/wound/capture) player characters, and this means that they need to have a mechanical aspect. There are several factions of Villains, each with their own considerations you should take into account when creating them, listed below. There are only ever able to be three villains in a Faction at any given time, so it is expected that you have some kind of start and end goal with the character. If the Villain and their story line can’t be completed in a reasonable time they will have to be retired, at least temporarily.

The Factions, as well as the Villain registration are listed below.
  • Kidō Butai : A group of Konoha shinobi that went rogue after the previous Hokage was deposed. They carry out a guerilla war staged from the Forests of the Land of Fire, and are not particularly discriminate in who they attack.
  • Sunadokei Kaisou (Sunagakure): A radical group of Sunagakure shinobi that advocate for the invasion of Iwagakure. They will often hesitate to kill their fellow Sunagakure shinobi, but are not so reluctant about newly arrived Iwagakure shinobi in Sunagakure...
  • Kuraokami (Iwagakure/Kumogakure): This group of cultists has completely infiltrated and subsequently supplanted the traditional shinobi structure of Iwagakure. Many of its members are particularly strong shinobi in their own right, and they are more than willing to deal death to any outsiders. (If you want insight into what this group wants to make Rping a villain from them easier, DM Afromech Droid on discord.)
  • Seifu (Otogakure): The corrupt civilian government, they seek only to enrich their own pockets - at the expense of the Land of Rice or otherwise. Their Villains are usually Otogakure shinobi or missing Ninja.
  • Kazanai (Kirigakure): The rival cult of Kuraokami, these cultists are no less dangerous. They have infiltrated Kirigakure much like Iwagakure and Kumogakure, but Kirigakure’s strength has kept the village from falling under their influence. They are ruthless to all who are not apart of their cult, and will not hesitate to kill for their aims. (As with Kuraokami, DM Afromech Droid on the discord if you need help understanding motivations.)
  • Bandits (Any): These are usually men and women hard treated by life, who have taken to an unsavory career. They are often not skilled in ninja arts, or if they have the aptitude are not very trained. They will usually focus on things that augment their physical skills; these are usually good for less experienced characters.
  • Missing Ninja: These are shinobi who, for one reason or another, have left their village. It might have been for money, for power, or as a refutation of shinobi life in general. Their motivations and aims are as different as the person who wears the title – they may seek death, or they may show mercy.
    [size=125]Villain Information[/size]
    [b]Players:[/b] (Put here the players you’d like to have access to the [i]Villain[/i]. You cannot put “Open” to denote anyone’s ability to access this character.)
    Intended Story Collaborators: (Put here the characters this Villain is for. This will be the main matrix with which to judge whether the Villain is appropriately balanced. Do not use Villains for characters that this is not intended for. If they show up, you can’t necessarily stop that.)
    Name: The name of the Villain. Kanji not required, though keep the name in-theme.
    Gender: The gender of the Villain.
    Age: The age of the Villain – while this is flexible, try to keep it reasonable.
    Date of Birth: The date of birth of the Villain.
    Appearance: This could be a picture or brief description of the Villain’s physical appearance.
    Personality Traits: A list of the Villain’s key personality features, such as ruthless, cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, or calculating.
    Features: This is a list of the talents, weaknesses, or disabilities that make your character unique. Are they skilled with the flute? Can they draw like Dali? Perhaps your character is blind? Tell us about it here. These can be positive or negative, in any amount – but try not to go crazy.
    Nindo: This is the villain’s ninja way; their worldly philosophy (if they have one, bandits need not apply).
    History: List the relevant information from the Villain’s past. This can be a few sentences or a bulleted list. It doesn’t need to cover the Villain’s entire history, just the relevant, formative events that shaped the Villain’s life and play a major part of the Villain’s story.
    Family Members: This is a list, for consistency and record keeping, of any important members of the Villain’s family that might be PCs or NPCs.
    Ninja Info Card
    Faction: This is the dissident faction that the Villain belongs to.
    Academy Graduation Age: The age at which the Villain graduated the Academy. This is usually 12, though prodigious characters may have advanced earlier.
    Chuunin Promotion Age: The age at which the Villain passed the Chuunin Exams.
    Current Promotion Age: The age at which the Villain obtained your current rank.
    Equipment: 1-5 choices from the starting equipment list. (Pick as appropriate.)

    Below is the mechanical information of the villain. There is no set rule on what you can or cannot give a villain but make sure you don’t accidentally kill whoever you’re making this villain for. Villains do not progress – if they need to be more powerful for some story reason, please re register them.
    Character Points
    Active Character Points: This is much like a character’s ACP.
    Clan: If the Villain is part of a major shinobi clan, specify that here.
    Awareness: The Villain’s tier in the Wisdom stat.
    Reflex: The Villain’s tier in the Reflex stat.
    Coordination: The Villain’s tier in the Coordination stat.
    Constitution: The Villain’s in the Constitution stat.
    Stamina: The Villain’s in the Stamina stat.
    Strength: The Villain’s in the Strength stat.
    Elements: These are the elements the villain possesses.
    Fighting Styles (These are the villains fighting styles.)
    • Techniques
      (Please give the Villain the Techniques that you think are appropriate.)
      D-rank Traits: List the Villain’s D-rank Techniques here.
      C-rank Traits: List the Villain’s C-rank Techniques here.
      B-rank: List the Villain’s B-rank Techniques here.
      A-rank: List the Villain’s A-rank Techniques here.
      S-rank: List the Villain’s S-rank Techniques here.

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