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Diminishing Returns

Upon reaching certain tiers in a stat using a booster, boosts begin to reduce in effectiveness, representing the minimal amount of improvement a lower ranked technique can have on already impressive stats. The tier in which this occurs is determined by the rank of technique (note that it applies from the start of that tier forward, including for a technique that boosted to that tier (though it will not reduce the boost below that tier). It does not apply to other techniques stacked below it). At that tier, each individual boost provided by that technique is reduced by the corresponding number advantages listed below, also determined by the technique’s rank. A boost can be reduced to 0, but cannot be reduced below 0 (exceptions including Styles such as Goken and Arhat which will always give at least a Minor Advantage).
  • At Masterful, each boost given by a D or C-Rank is reduced by 1 advantage.
  • At Epic, B boosts are reduced by 1, C and D reduced by 2 (if any).
  • At Legendary, A boosts are reduced by 1, B reduced by 2, C and D reduced by 3 (if any).
  • At Godlike, A boosts are reduced by 2, B reduced by 3, C and D reduced by 4 (if any). Remember that stats cap at Godlike w/ a Major Advantage anyway.

Example: A character has boosted to Proficient w/ a Major Advantage in Strength and Reflex with the C-Rank Strong Fist. They then use the C-Rank Leaf Great Whirlwind which grants +2 advantages in Reflex and +1 advantage in Strength. Strength improves to Masterful. Reflex would improve to Masterful w/ a Minor Advantage, but as a C-Rank, its boosts are reduced by 1 advantage starting at Masterful. So it also only boosts Reflex to Masterful. If the character instead had Masterful in those stats and used the same boost, Strength would not be improved and Reflex would only gain a Minor Advantage. If you have any questions regarding the ways boosting works, please contact a member of Staff to help explain the process.

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