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PostPosted: Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:17 pm 
Suna Jonin
Suna Jonin
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Kisora quickly nodded her head as her face returned to look at the water. She gave it a quick attempt to see if she could see the man faster yet, it seemed that their time was always to be short together. Her face only supporting a neutral look for a moment. "Alright, I think I can definitely do that at least," She humored the idea a bit but only spending a day after traveling numerous weeks was almost worth it enough but even a second day with the man would be worth traveling for. Her face turned back to him with a small smile upon it, almost like she snapped out of a daze from her thoughts.

"I'll try to learn something before I come back as well, seems unfair if you just get to paint me, right?" She began to think out loud of what to do, she couldn't just return knowing nothing to impress him. If he could paint her, maybe something for him would also be good? All she had to do was think of something to do for that day when it comes in a year, could be enough practice time if she picks something that is practical enough for her.

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Hanshō's ears pricked as Kisora mentioned something new, and it caused the already smiling Kiri-nin to laugh softly. It was a pleasant thought, that such a beautiful woman would endeavor to learn something for him. "Okay," he agreed, closing his eyes in a pleasant, full smile. In that moment, he was vulnerable, but in his lowering of his guard, just a little, there was too a sign of some amount of trust. What was the point of meeting her again, anyway, if he didn't trust her, or want to see more of her? Opening his twinkling eyes, Hanshō sat upright and rolled his shoulders, stretching his back with a yawn. He had been napping just shortly before, after all. "We should give this place a name. I don't think it has one."

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