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 Post subject: Re: Mettle to Metal
PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 6:07 am 
Oto Chunin
Oto Chunin
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Name: Wudang Sword
Rank: S-Rank
Cost: 20, 10 Upkeep
Range: Close-Quarters
Type: Kenjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Notation: Secret Technique
Handsigns: N/A
Description: In stark contrast to Tsume's Buki Gyakusatsu, Wudang Sword is a much more refined and dignified style. Her growing admiration and understanding of other aspects of weaponry has led her to begin studying a less ostentatious way of fighting. Wudang Sword uses flowing, circular movements to neutralize incoming attacks and redirect the opponent's power. Unlike other styles that may use brute force to overwhelm the opponent, Wudang Sword uses precise attacks with light and quick movements. While active, this style grants a Tier to Reflexes and Coordination, while Debuffing a Tier of Strength from opponents attacks that clash with her sword.
Drawbacks: Can only be used while wielding a single sword.

Buki JoAT Master
Metallurgy Master
Kenjutsu Specialist
Kuchiyose Adept
Fuinjutsu Novice
Kyujutsu Novice

Strength: Masterful (Epic w/Buki and Ken)
Constitution: Proficient
Stamina: Masterful
Reflexes: Epic (Min Adv w/Ken)
Coordination: Masterful (Epic w/Buki and Ken)
Wisdom: Average
Weapons List:
Ken no Ma
Wooden Bo Staff
100 Sling Stones
Military Ration Pill
Coagulation Pill
5 Steel Katana
Steel Kama
Leather Gunbai
10m Rope
Steel Three-Section Staff
2 Iron Trench Knife
Iron-tipped Spear
Iron Kanabo
Steel Kusarigama
Leather Whip
Iron Steel Chain Wind Staff
Iron Scythe
6 Iron Kusari-Fundo
Large Steel Flail
Steel War Hammer
Steel Double-Headed Meteor Hammer
Rope Johyo
Cloth Tessen
Wooden Recurve Bow
20 Arrow
4 Tsume's Miracle Scroll
2 Hook Sword
6 Chakram
Ryumon Hozukimaru
Tekken Tachikaze
Kohaku no Johei

Buki Pool:
45m Metal Wire
2 Tsume's Miracle Scrolls
6 Smoke Bomb
4 Flash Bomb
2 Fuuma Shuriken
80 Kunai
40 Shuriken
25 Senbon
20 Explosive Tag
5 Military Ration Pills
2 Wood Tonfa
2 Wood and Iron Nunchaku

 Post subject: Re: Mettle to Metal
PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 5:34 pm 
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Your Wudang is no match for my Shaolin!

Strength: Ascendant
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Average
Reflex: Proficient
Coordination: Ascendant
Wisdom: Proficient

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