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 Post subject: Hanzō's Customs
PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 2:33 pm 
Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
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Technique Template:
[b]Rank:[/b] (E-S)
[b]Cost:[/b] (in Stamina Points)
[b]Range:[/b] (in meters)
[i]Type:[/i] (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fūinjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, Kenjutsu, Kugutsu, etc.)
[i]Sub-type:[/i] (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Summoning)
[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b] (if none, list N/A)
[b]Notation:[/b] (Hiden, Secret Technique, Kinjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, etc.)
[b]Handsigns:[/b] (if none, list N/A)
[b]Lore/Flavor:[/b] (anything about why the technique works the way it does)
[b]Description:[/b] (describe both the appearance of the process a user of the technique must undergo and the technique itself)
[b]Drawbacks:[/b] (list all drawbacks)

 Post subject: Re: Hanzō's Customs
PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 2:35 pm 
Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
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Joined: Sat May 04, 2019 11:40 pm
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Name: Lighting Release: Javelin Technique | Raiton: Nageyari (雷遁: 投げ槍)
Rank: B
Cost: 10
Range: 100 meters base for the throw. Based on the user’s strength, the range increases at a rate of 20 meters per advantage above Average.
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub-type: Offensive
Elemental Affinity: Lightning Release
Notation: Secret Technique
Handsigns: Ram
Lore/Flavor: N/A
Description: After forming the required hand sign, the user channels chakra on their preferred arm and molds it in the shape of what appears to be an unstable spear of some sort, or javelin. However, the technique functions as a man-made projectile rather than a weapon or tool of some sort, and must be thrown in order to have any sort of effect on its target. Used as a more destructive technique, the javelin is thrown towards a specific target before resulting in one of two outcomes. If the target is a conductor (ie. human, animal, water body), the javelin results in a shock which may result in momentary paralysis, requiring the use of stamina points (equivalent to half of the SP required to perform the technique at its given strength) in order to recover from this paralysis. This paralysis is circumvented if the target has Epic or higher constitution, and requires only half of the aforementioned SP (so after weighting, a quarter of technique’s SP) if the target has Masterful or higher constitution. The javelin in itself travels at a speed that is five advantages higher than the user’s strength at the time of throwing it, capping at a Legendary +2 speed.
Drawbacks: If the target meets to required constitution to nullify the effects of the technique, the jutsu is rendered useless as the damage it does to the body is negligible (other than the paralysis).

 Post subject: Re: Hanzō's Customs
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:25 pm 
Konoha Jonin
Konoha Jonin
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Ok so,

It is too fast; a B-rank would normally boost a stat at a maximum of 4 advantages if it didn't do anything else.
But it also damages as a B-rank and paralyzes most opponents, forcing them to also expend stamina.
If it is going to be faster scaled on user's Strength, it should only maybe give a Major Advantage (in other words +2), and it should not paralyze someone with Durability remaining


Cool info stuff found below:

Welcome, human! Below you'll find my statistics, enjoy your stay..


Strength: Average
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful
Coordination: Average Minor
Reflexes: Proficient
Wisdom: Proficient

Fighting Styles:

Ninjutsu Specialist
Sensory Major


Spent Character Points: 5000
Unspent Character Points: 0
Active Character Points: 5000

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