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Konoha Chunin
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Item Name: Combat Scalpel
Crafting Level: Metallurgy Master
Description: A Large Five Foot Ten Inch Steel Scalpel. Scalpel Head is One Foot long.

While scalpels are used for medical purposes, this large version is used for combat instead. While it seems simple because of it's design, it's perfect for being used for Chakra Enhanced Strength for it's strikes on the blade or on any metal part of this specially designed spear for a Medical-Nin. The blade of the spear is extremely sharp and one touch will instantly cause a small cut on someone. When used in battle, muscles are it's normal targets as it's user will attempt to remove the muscles or cut the tendons from it's target.

There is a small mechanism within the spear for one to insert their poisons in either a liquid or solid form to be inserted into the target at the tip. It travels from the base of the spear to the tip, until it is struck inside of someone where the user can press down where the mechanism is located and makes the substance release from the tip.

Due to being steel, it's an easy conductor of Lightning-based Chakra Flow and Lightning-based techniques in the form of Ninjutsu and Ijutsu.

Extra Jazz-5,000
Total: 90,000Ryo
Item Name: Gáe Bulg
Crafting Level: Metallurgy Master, Requires Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Description: Gáe Bulg is a special spear. It is bright crimson red and seems to be covered in a vine like design. The spear head comes to a point and near the base is some edged corners. Besides the base, there are two small indents where the user shall hold it with ease.

The power of the spear comes from a special seal that can be activated by these small indents, when the user focuses an A-Rank amount of chakra into the spear, the spear tip to fork out and barb itself into the target. It opens up into a total of thirty barbs. The only way to remove this spear is the user to reactive the seal or for the victim to rip themselves out from it, removing their skin and muscles from their body dealing extreme amount of damage over a simple cut.

Yet, even if they don't remove it, the muscle and tendons of the area will not be of much use to those affected until it is healed. The seal only holds back the true form of the spear into a simple point, meaning that if someone removes it the spear will remained barbed until the seal is once again placed. This seal can only be activated if the spear is also being held.

The Spear size is about Six feet long. Spear head is about One Foot and Four Inches long including the ridges on the side.

1xMetal Wire-5,000
Extra Jazz-25,000
Total: 130,000Ryo

Specialist Fūinjutsu
Expert Ninjutsu
Adept Sensory
Expert Ijutsu
Adept MoO Bukijutsu [Needles]
Adept Genjutsu
Master Craftsman Chemistry

Strength: Average (Minor Adv. wielding needles)
Constitution: Average
Stamina: Masterful (60 Ijutsu pool, 60 Ninjutsu pool)
Reflexes: Masterful (Minor Adv. Evasion with Sensing Technique)
Coordination: Proficient w/ Major Advantage (Tier while Drawing, Major Adv. aiming at vital organs, Major Adv. for aiming ninjutsu, Minor Adv. wielding needles, Minor Adv. Evasion with Sensing Technique)
Wisdom: Proficient (1 Addition Tier using Fūinjutsu)


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