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PostPosted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 5:27 pm 
Konoha Genin
Konoha Genin
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I wanted to get some feedback on my (very) rough idea here to see if it was worth fleshing out. I’m new here so forgive me if this is unbalanced etc. Thanks!

Bloodline Name: Nendaikigan / Chronology Eye
Leader: [Leader of the clan. If no eligible PC exists it can be an NPC]
Village: [Which village does this clan reside in?]

Clan Description: [Give a general description of the family and their general history]

Clan Traits/Characteristics: [Do clan members have a special insignia? Dress? Culture?]

Clan Personality: [Any common personality traits found in the clan?]

Bloodline Description:
The bloodline of the Hisakawa clan allows its holder's to gaze back into the recent past or see the glimpses of the immediate possible futures. A rare few within the clan undergo a transformation upon the onset of puberty. Typically, in the middle of the night, they are woken by a splitting headache accompanied by the eruption of an additional eye in the middle of their forehead: The Nendaikigan. Once the pain passes, they may increase their wisdom-based attack precog rate by 1 out of 4, and have access to the following techniques:

Bloodline Limits:
Surprise is the simplest way to negate the advantages of the Nendaikigan as it is inefficient to keep the techniques active at all times. Additionally, while the bloodline allows its bearer to pick statistically better options, in the face of overwhelming force or thorough preparation then there might simply be no good options. Finally, elders of the clan in the past have developed specialized fuuinjutsu techniques to block their actions from view of their peers. It may be possible to discover or recreate these techniques.

Clan Techniques:
Retro-cognition: the user is able to cast their vision back into the past to view what occurred at their current location as if they were there. (This is mainly for roleplaying purposes but may allow the user to find clues etc)
D: 1 hour back
C: 6 hours back
B: 1 day back
A: 1 week back
S: 1 month back
(do these time frames seem reasonable? Any potential problems here I should address?)

Precognition: The user is able to simultaneously perceive potential immediate futures and their relative likelyhood. The future is too convoluted for anything beyond the next moment to be viewable. This is also limited by their ability to comprehend what they see without becoming overwhelmed. Upkeep is 1 tier less than the base cost.
C: wisdom adv/4 boost to reflex and coordination, divide equally between the 2 stats and round down
B: wisdom adv/3 boost to reflex and coordination, divide equally between the 2 stats and round down
A: wisdom adv/2 boost to reflex and coordination, divide equally between the 2 stats and round down
S: wisdom adv/1 boost to reflex and coordination, divide equally between the 2 stats and round down
(if there is a better way to do this boost let me know. Mainly I want some sort of scaling wisdom to reflex/coordination boost)

Number of Members Allowed: [How many people can join the clan? Staff will likely set this number for you]
Initial Members: [Any initial members?]

Strength: average+minor
Constitution: proficient
Stamina: proficient
Reflex: proficient
Coordination: proficient
Wisdom: masterful+minor

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Bukijutsu Novice: JoaT
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:10 pm 
Missing-nin S-rank
Missing-nin S-rank
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Postcognition is probably fine, but you're offering potentially 3 Tiers and a Major Advantage to two separate stats which is better than we allow basically any technique at any cost (certain very costly techniques that are exclusive to a village (the Hachimon come to mind) may break that). Here are provided some basics on boosting. I'll tell you that basing a boost to a stat on another stat's advantages will probably always be frowned on.

I'll mention that the flavor you're describing doesn't seem to have anything to do with Ref/Coo, but with Wis. I'll also mention that two other eye-based clans from canon (Hyuuga and Uchiha) also have a fairly minor increase to Wisdom (which as you may or may not know involves precognition). You will probably have a very hard time with this, in general. Directly increasing precognitive dodges is a no. If you want to increase precognitive dodges, increase your Wisdom. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but it would be very easy to simply get 4/4 with this clan's wording by just choosing Boss Stat and Wisdom, and it will never be our intention to approve anything that allows someone to dodge without recourse 100% of the time (meaning that even if someone less knowledgeable approves something that would allow this, it would be revoked if it were attempted to be used in that fashion). Hope this helps.

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Ref: Legendary (Godlike with Taijutsu)
Wis: Legendary (Godlike with Fuuinjutsu)

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